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Trip to New Mexico 2013

Day 3

We woke up this morning on the Pecan farm after a very cold night. But it did not take long for it warm up. After breakfast we to visit the Pecan farm, we got to see cotton fields, and an organic flower garden. In New Mexico there is not much water and we learned about how water the farms.

After lunch we played group games, which was really fun. We also had to clean up our campsite. Then we started to drive to a next place. Along the way we ate at a fast food restaurant with real American burgers. It was a small place but the food was really good and we all love it a lot.

After dinner we arrived at Magdalena, New Mexico which has an observatory. We saw Venus, and saw the craters of the Moon, and many constellations. After we learned about our galaxy and others. It was really interesting. The man who taught us looked like a real scientist who loves his work. He had a long white beard and a red hat.

Now we are all sleeping together in a big room like a big family having lots of fun.

By Julia Krzemińska


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