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Benjamin Burg - President and Founder

Over the past twenty years, Mr. Burg has taught in a wide range of environments, from inner-city public high schools in Philadelphia, corporate sales training in Eastern Europe, a middle school teacher in Pre-IB Language Arts, American History and Ecology in Warsaw, Poland.  Twenty years teaching he never used a textbook, designing every class from scratch.  Currently authoring and leading Trips Beyond the Classroom involving hundreds of students.

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Stan Albrycht - Treasurer of Board

Mr. Albrycht started in corporate sales and for the past twenty years has acted as Director of Finance and Administration at The Montessori Elementary & Middle School.   For 8 years he has been involved with Trips Beyond the Classroom, having led 5 trips of American youth to Poland.  A cowboy at heart he values experiential learning as the best means in preparing young adults to meet the challenges of our ever changing world. 

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Charles Streitwieser - Secretary of Board

With over 20 years leading new international businesses and foundations, Mr. Streitwieser brings a wealth of experience in developing successful enterprises.  Having worked around the world he understands the importance of getting out of the comfort zone to expand our horizons.  As a venture capitalist he will help guide our enterprise with accountability.

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Paul Burg - Member of Board

Yes, the younger brother of our founder, Mr. Burg after hosting a group of Polish students for a garden party during one of our first trips, recognized that the students were gaining experience that may only happen once in a lifetime.   He is one of the ultimate entrepreneurs and without specific training, practices LEAN management inherent in his business approach.

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Charles Frederick - Member of Board

A graduate of the US Naval Academy, and a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer with our founder, knows first hand that the greatest form of protection is knowledge.  A high school teacher in Poland for over 20 years and currently assisting US forces establishing protective bases in Eastern Europe, Mr. Frederick's extensive experience with governments is an enormous asset in implementing cross-cultural services.

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