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Innovative Education that creates lifetime and generational impact.

Imagine an afternoon - young adults and students from Poland, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Iran and Russia spending their time teaching displaced youth from a neighboring war who are living with foster families, all learning to play frisbee golf.  One day, where everyone belongs, an impression that change someone's life. Our Russian volunteer, fearful to return home, thanking me over and over for this chance. What is that day worth?   

Last year, two trips cancelled due to covid restriction.   Yet despite set backs, we adapted and moved forward !

We found 6 wonderful volunteers, and we had 30 online lessons involving nearly 40 students from Jordan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Poland and the United States.

This coming year we plan 

  • Weekly Human Rights online workshops 

  • Educational Travel between Poland and USA

  • Educational Garden Program for at least 5 schools in Polan


Last year we raised $19,000.   We spent $6,500.   


Our fundraising goal is:

  • $18,000 for support 3 educational trips

  • $3,000 for online human right workshops

  • $21,500 for educational gardens


Seed Programs International and Resilience Gardening are contributing $7,500. 


Bottomline, we need to raise an additional $22,000 to meet our goals for 22/23.

With so many critical problems facing communities around the world, one answer keeps coming back. The more we push the learning up, the manageable these problems come.   


One answer for so many issues - EDUCATION !

Your contribution saves lives now and for future generations.


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