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Trip to New Mexico 2013

Day 4-6 - By Tomasz Banasik

On the weekend, everyone went to different families. I stayed with McDonald family. I bought cowboy boots. We went hiking to the mountains. We went to see the BMX show. The family was a great pleasure and very nice to me. We met a lot of great people and tried singing karaoke.

Sunday evening we came to the Base Camp. It is a really big place in the wild forest. There are many old trees and wooden cabins. There is mountain that we can see the beautiful landscape from. At night the temperature is very low, even below freezing. At day it’s so warm you can wear shorts and tee shirts, even as hot as 37c. Every evening we have a fire. We sing country songs, play camp fire games, and hear a story.

Monday we went climbing on red rocks. We hiked through slot canyons, which sometimes got very narrow and steep. I think for everyone was a great challenge. And everyone made it. I was really proud of myself it felt so good. Everyone was smiling. We hiked to the top of the canyon and could see how beautiful this place is. During the hike I found a piece of ancient Indian pottery. We think it was over a 1000 years old. I left the piece of pot where I found it.

Tuesday we went to Blue Water Canyon. We spent the whole day repelling down a cliff. How did it feel, wow, it was scary. The hardest part was going over a ledge. When I got to the bottom I could not believe that I did it. It was one of the best feelings I ever had, and I think now I could do it again. At the bottom of the canyon there was beautiful river. Everyone rested and watched others come down.

Now it’s almost dinner time and I’m really hungry.

P.S. by Benjamin Burg - More days notes will be posted when more reliable internet is available.



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