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Like horses? Believe they should be treated with compassion? 

We are planning a five day trip to visit the Centaurus Foundation’s rescued horses sanctuary.  ​They have an Open House on September 25.  We are invited to join them for a super fun day. General plan, we meet online, learn about animal rights and laws to protect animals, become knowledgeable about veterinarian care, and then help the foundation with their Ppen House.   We make notes and take pictures & videos during the trip. We come back with our notes and pictures to create an awesome documentation of our achievements. 

A hybrid of online and beyond the classroom learning

Pre-trip online lessons

(3 one hour lessons)

September 13, 16 & 20



  • Learn and research animal rights and places of interest we will visit

  • Plan trip and create a Travel Kit'

Trip in Poland

(5 days)

September 22-26


  • Travel by van and stay at hotel

  • Visit local attractions

  • One Workday for local organization

  • Students make notes and use cameras to document our learning

Post-trip online lessons

(3 one hour lessons)

September 27 & 30, October 1



  • Reflect on lessons learned

  • Draft presentations to demonstrate meeting academic goals

Social and Community Actions

Pupils will participate in activities and work in Szczedrzykowice Center, managed by the Centaurus Foundation, located at Szczedrzykowice, about 60km west of Wrocław. Pupils will take part by observing veterinarians, feeding and other daily routines, learning about animal behaviors and understanding the current state of laws to protect animal rights. Together we will prepare to assist on an Open House at the Horse Rescue Farm for Saturday, September 25.

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Itinerary, places of interest to visit (subject to small changes)

Weds, Sep 22

  • Travel To Szczedrzykowice

  • Tour of the Center

Thurs, Sep 23

  • Workshops in the Center

  • Cistercian Monastery in Lubiąż

  • Visiting Old Town Legnica

  • Dinner in Old Town

Fri, Sep 24

  • Visiting Wroclaw

  • Undercover City Games - “Secret Storm” game

  • Return to the Center, reviewing roles, helping to set up for an Open House next day

Sat, Sep 25

  • Volunteer at Open house at farm

  • Evening local attraction

Sun, Sep 26

  • Morning workshop

  • Return to home

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Your English and academic coach - Benjamin Burg

I am an entrepreneur at heart. Over 10 years of teaching, I designed every single lesson plan, never using a textbook.

 I love nature and history.  When I teach, I use critical thinking.  There is no such thing as memorization.  Perhaps because I believe the earth is alive, I am constantly searching for the logical connection. This leads me to understand  patterns that create simple foundations to develop more complex comprehension.


I have been blessed with amazing teachers my whole life.  Kimberton Waldorf School and all the amazing teachers that gave me the core foundation of nearly all academic and artistic subjects. The University of Pennsylvania while surrounded by the highest standards, I embraced Penn's goal to learn and then share it with the community.

Investment to push the learning up!

Personal coach’s attention for 6 ambitious students.

  • 6 highly constructive online English conversation lessons

  • 5 days/4 nights at 3 star hotel, all inclusive, private van with driver, all meals, academic activities

  • Take Home - By the end of all lessons, each student will have a presentable documentation of their achievements


2500 PLN per student, due by September 6, 2021

  • All participants must make a statement of vaccination or provide a negative covid test. 

  • Cancellation due to illness -50% will be refunded. Statement from doctor required.

  • Financial support is available for those that need it -please indicate in your email with your pupils' statement why this trip is important. We will make a simple verification of your financial status with the school authorities and get back to you right away. We also have a fundraising platform for students.

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