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Help Polish Orphans & City Students to Go Beyond the Classroom

Donate Now - You Can Make A Difference.


Children living in orphanages in Poland have limited mobility and they feel left out. 


Ambitious students are missing opportunities to prove they care and can make a difference. 


Your donation will bring orphan and urban students together

hand in hand for projects, community service and trips outside their classrooms.


Growing number of people feel detached.   Both under-resourced and privileged live in bubbles.


Young learners are left alone and need real practice.   


We offer middle & highschool students an opportunity to push their knowledge up and make positive change by teaching ambitious students about current social issues while linking school subjects.  It is the easiest way to reach diverse learning styles.


Adaptation -  COVID showed that virtual tools are useful and our actions have consequences for others. Education is changing to meet the modern needs of our youth.   We know our children respond well when they get involved with real projects as they learn.   


What happens when students can go beyond learning and actually do good.    Imagine researching social issues, to go out and do something about it, and then document our achievements.


Pre-trip online

( 4 one hour lessons )


Research and Plan to create the ’Travel Kit' to provide a sense of ownership of the trip.

Peer to Peer fundraising

Local trip

( 5 days )


Community service


Use cameras and
document our learning during daily briefings

Post-trip online

( 2 one hour lessons )


Reflect on lessons learned

Draft presentations to
demonstrate meeting academic goals.



Activate children and youth from foster families village near Oświęcim (Rajsko), through English games and playing together as well as sightseeing the local attractions. Our goal is to help students from Children Village in Rajsko feel that they are not isolated or tabooed.   We all share common needs and concerns and can do something about it.

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Contribute to the daily tasks to care for abused animals.  Research animal rights issues. Perfect opportunity to discuss conflicting positions and learn how to make arguments.   Our goal is to experience and understand positions within animal rights.

Your donation will help make these trips beyond a classroom possible.  


A one week trip  plus online lessons for 8 students costs nearly $5,000 and the effects will last a lifetime for everyone involved.   A trip to the USA or to Europe for 20 students costs between $60,000- $80,000. 


With these funds we will assure that hundreds of ambitious students who have the drive but not the means can have a trip of a lifetime and know they too are contributing to positive change.

We extend gratitude to for matching funds over $3000.   Thank you for the support.


Your donation will bring orphan and urban students together hand in hand for projects, community service and trips outside their classrooms.

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