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Trip to New Mexico 2013

Day 0 - In a few hours it will be Day 1 and I will wake up early to lead 18 students and 2 teachers on a two week adventure through New Mexico and Arizona. Our aim is to go beyond the classroom and offer an experience to learn from our diverse culture and landscape. I hope that in the coming days more stories will be created and posted for your enjoyment.

Benjamin Burg

Day 2 - Trip to New Mexico & Arizona

After a long trip we finally arrived to the motel near the airport in El Paso, Texas. At 7 am we woke up and ate a typical American breakfast, which was actually delicious. We had many things to choose, we could even make our own waffles. After a meeting the first place we visited was New Mexico State Farm Museum. We saw lots of animals and farm machines. There were huge bulls with long horns and tiny horses. The museum we saw how to saddle a horse and typical cowboy cloths. We also ate lunch at the museum; we had handmade tortillas and sweet fruits for desert. After that lovely time we visited an old town, Mesilla. We had free time to go shopping. We saw and old bookstore and the people were so curious about us. They were even taking pictures with us. It was very hot today so were drinking water all the time. We finally got to the Pecan farm were we stayed for the night. Everyone was holding up in shadows. We made our tents, which was a challenge, but after a few tries it was not that hard. We had a lot of free time before super. We met with the owners of the farm, who were very nice and kind people, like all the people in New Mexico. For dinner we had spicy pasta, broccoli and sausage and of course chili, which was very hot. To end the day we heard a lot of cowboy stories and learned a beautiful song about New Mexico.

By Aniela Płudowska


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