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Trip to Kimberton Waldorf School May 2014

Saturday we went to visit Valley Forge National Historical Park. We were riding on bicycles for a nine kilometers. Our guide asked us all to imagine that it’s December 1777 and it’s cold and it’s snowing. We are all now soldiers of the Continental Army fighting the British. We saw the cabins where the soldiers lived and one man dressed up as a soldier. We learned how hard life was like for the soldiers, how they cut down all the trees, how they had carry water for kilometers. We saw a copy of the Tytus Arch and cannons. There was lots of grass and trees. The whole trip took about 2 hours. In the evening we went to the wolfram’s house for bonfire. They had goats and we eat roasted marshmallows. Many played in the woods and a fun swinging on a rope tied to a tree.

By Jagoda Kielbicka and Magda Glaz



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