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Trip to Kimberton Waldorf School May 2014

Tuesday morning we found out that unfortunately we couldn’t stay with our host class to learn how to juggle, instead we went straight to the bus and after a 30 min. drive we got out and went to Starbucks. On the train we had to sit next to talkative Americans but that was fun. The whole group walked to the Museum. The University of Pennsylvania campus was gorgeous. At the museum we learned about mummy makings. The people that taught us about were really cool and the lesson was fun and interactive. We even got to mush up the brains so we could pull them out of the skull. Later we explored the museum and the campus. Everyone got gifts at the University book store and then doughnuts at Dunkin Doughnuts. After another train ride (this time in the quite car) we got picked up by our host families. Everyone went their own ways. I went to Whole Foods and ate a delicious chicken Panini, went to Rita’s for Italian Ice, something I never tried before. We finished the day with an amazing evening with Christina, her Mom and her brothers.

By Maggie Maliszewski


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