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Trip to Kimberton Waldorf School May 2014

Monday morning I got up at 6:010am, which was pretty early for me. After that I ate cereal and drank the best protein shake ever. At about 7:30am I was at the bus stop with my new American friend, Teagh. At school the bell rang and our class at Kimberton began. We learned to sign the Cup Song and learned how to juggle. At first everyone was having trouble, but after a few minutes we started to figure it out. Later we worked on our journals. Then we had a nice long break with lunch at school. In the afternoon we went to the outlet malls for shopping. It was the biggest outlet mall in the world (I think). I bought two hat, a pair of pants and lots of candy. Then we went back to school, and I went home with my host family. I was very hungry and we ate lots of good food. After that Teagh did his homework and later we went to bed. It was a pretty good day

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By Antoni Smoliński


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