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Trip to Kimberton 2015 - Day 1 and 2

Day 1 - Sat. April 24

We went to New York in a big group. First we went to Times Square then we went to Rockefeller Center where we saw a fountain with pink rubber ducks, a giant lego shop and many other interesting things. After that we went to the World Trade Center memorial which is actually a waterfall. Next we stayed at the Central Park where everyone sat on a giant rock and played truth or dare together with the American kids. Then we drove to Wall Street and walked for sometime. Before that we went to St. Patrick’s church, but was kind of fake, just standing in the middle of New York City looking “old” but actually it wasn’t old because they were still finishing it. There were beautiful stain glasses instead of windows in the cathedral, which showed the life of St. Patrick and his people. Finally we returned to Kimberton and in the bus everyone fell asleep.

Day 2 – Sun. April 25

By Wiktoria

We met at school at 11am and drove to Valley Forge together. We rented bicycles and started the trip. After about 10 minutes of riding we stopped and the tour guild told us about the Ameircan Soldiers that stayed there during the War with England. The soldiers were barefoot, half-naked, starving and ill. We kept stopping every 10 minutes to listen about the soldiers that fought for America. We learned that the government would not pay them even though they all needed money for food and shoes. We learned that they stayed and fought despite these hard conditions. After riding the bikes for 7.5km we finally got back to the bus and we eat our American hoggies. Then we went back to school and got picked up by our host families. After that some of us went to the movie theater.

Question of the Day – Valley Forge

By Matylda Konieczna

To be a soldier at Valley Forge was very hard. They were half naked, starving an dprone to diseases and were not paid for their services. They also had less weapons and were treated way worse by the government than their enemies. The weird thing is, the soldiers didn’t actually know what was since America was non-existent before the Revolutionary War.


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