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Fundacja Primus and TMMS Exchange

Trip to Poland - Fundacja Primus and TMMS Exchange - Day 5-8. Again the days fly by. Day 5 we departed for Krakow region. After a long bus ride we arrived at Wieliczka Salt Mine. I asked the kids, what was the best part, "licking the walls." It's so hard to believe the whole place is carved out of salt, the only way to prove it was to lick the walls. Well, perhaps a better approach is to wet the finger and touch the wall to get the salty taste, but it was fun watching them experiment. Day 6, another one of those remarkable learning days. I don't need to get into the details of Auschwitz, there are no words that describe it. Nothing does it justice, yet it cannot be ignored. We made three actions, one to bare witness to the camp, two to learn of the life that once existed in Oświęcim, and three to sing Jewish, Gypsy and Polish folklore songs. An amazing thanks to Teatr Próg in Wadowice for giving our students an expressive experience to ground the emotions into something constructive and real. Day 7, exploring Krakow, the Wawel Castle and Jagiellonian University, highlight of the day, contest to find the dagger that killed the Krakow Dragon. Day 8, host family day and farewell party, a super thanks to the Mussmann Family and all the hosts for super party celebrating a week of learning and fun. Day 9, heading north to the Mazury Lake district.

Museum of the History of Polish Jews

All carved from salt. — in Wieliczka.

Getting ready to get back on the bus — in Wieliczka.

Settling in for the day at our hostel — in Korzkiew.

Learning about Jewish life in Oświęcm — at Oświęcim Synagogue.

Music workshop with Teatr Próg — at Teatr PRÓG.

Streets of Krakow

Royal Dinner — in Nidzica Castle

Reflection time the far Northeast of Poland


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