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New exciting and engaging method to learn English and improve academics!

  • Advance your academic aspirations

  • Eliminate boredom with memorable experiences

  • Realize community service projects

  • Take part in shared virtual classwork

Families and Students with high ambitions!

  • Need academic boost?

  • Need references for college?

  • Better grasp on tough subjects?

  • Extra knowledge on topics already good at?

A hybrid of online and beyond classroom learning

Pre-trip online lessons (recommended 4 to 6 one hour lessons)

  • Plan trip aligned with academic goals

  • Draft the famous ’Travel Kit 

A short local trip (recommended 3 days)

  • Travel by van or minibus

  • Stay at hotel/pension or better Polish Agro Farm

  • Students use cameras and document our learning

  • Accountability - with covid and the state of our planet, we act responsible, sustainable and with respect to the communities we visit

Post-trip online lessons (recommended 2 to 3 one hour lessons)

  • Reflect on lessons learned

  • Draft stories and presentations to demonstration meeting academic goals

Social and Community Actions

One great way to push the learning up is to take part in meaningful projects. The reason why universities like students who have made contributions to the community is that not only does it show that a student cares, it also demonstrates that a student learns  how to plan and take effective action.

Click here to see a full list of possibilities.  Of course we are always open to new ideas.

Your English and academic coach - Benjamin Burg

I am an entrepreneur at heart. Over 10 years teaching, I designed every single lesson plan never using a textbook.


I love nature and history.   When I teach, I use critical thinking.  There is no such thing as memorization.  Perhaps because I believe the earth is alive, I am constantly searching for the logical connection. This leads me to understand  patterns that create foundations to develop more complex comprehension.


I have been blessed with amazing teachers my whole life.  Kimberton Waldorf School and all the wonderful teachers that gave me the core foundation of nearly all academic and artistic subjects. The University of Pennsylvania while surrounded by the highest standards, I embraced Penn's goal to learn and then share it with the community.

Apply here to start planning a small trip of a lifetime!

Complete the following application and we will be in touch with you right away.

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