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The year 2021 we established a non profit organization !


We have two trips being planned for Spring 2022.

Our educational theme for our learners

Travel and live healthy !

Despite how the pandemic literally took the wind out of our sails, we never gave up, we re-organized, we tried new ideas and we found new partners.

Since the summer we raised over $8000 and we are just getting started.  Our goal is $10,000. 

With your help we can still achieve in 2021.


2022 and beyond we will make huge impact on hundreds of learners across the globe,


Going beyond enhanced learning and perspectives we take people to a place of courage.  

Once you feel, it lasts a lifetime.

With your help this holiday you will make it possible for more young learners to experience a trip of a lifetime.


Growing number of people feel detached.   Both under-resourced and privileged live in bubbles.


Young learners are left alone and need real practice.   


We offer middle & highschool students an opportunity to push their knowledge up and make positive change by teaching ambitious students about current social issues while linking school subjects.  It is the easiest way to reach diverse learning styles.


Pre-trip online

Research and Plan to create the ’Travel Kit' to provide a sense of ownership of the trip.

Peer to Peer fundraising


Community service


Use cameras and
document our learning during daily briefings

Post-trip online

Reflect on lessons learned

Draft presentations to
demonstrate meeting academic goals.

Your donation will help make these trips beyond a classroom possible.  


A one week trip  plus online lessons for 8 students costs nearly $5,000 and the effects will last a lifetime for everyone involved.   A trip to the USA or to Europe for 20 students costs between $60,000- $80,000. 


With these funds we will assure that hundreds of ambitious students who have the drive but not the means can have a trip of a lifetime and know they too are contributing to positive change.


Your donation will allow enable 2022 to be the year when we take learners beyond the classroom and inspire our future leaders

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