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Online Human Rights Exchange

Trips Beyond the Classroom is currently cooperating with NGOs in Tajikistan and Jordan and schools in Poland.   


We are HIRING qualified Ukrainian English teachers to run our online workshops.  And if circumstances allow, we will have Ukrainian students participate as well.   There is huge need for these students to continue to practice their English and feel included in the global community.  We all have a need to share our stories. 

  • The workshop is a series of 6 one hour weekly video meetings with up to 10 students from different countries.

  • The goal is bring awareness and actions towards human rights.  

  • We do it by providing tasks that require critical thinking, self leadership, collaboration and digital fluency

Opportunity  to change lives

  • Having met a number of Ukrainians displaced or friends with family still in Ukraine, there is an overwhelming desire to share and be heard.

  • Students around the world, and esp. those further away can participate and gain this unique perspective while offering moral support.

  • Super qualified and talented Ukrainian teachers need money, let's double the impact to offer opportunity to earn and promote peace and understanding

How you can support

  • Each $300 will pay for a six course workshop

  • Ukrainian teachers earn an income and at least 10 students will have unique opportunity to connect with students from around the world  

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