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All our blessings for good health and wellbeing during these difficult times.
The loss of family is tragic and many may have experienced financial and emotional struggles.
Yet there is one story that may not always get heard. I remember last year when we had to cancel our spring trip to Poland. I knew many students who were waiting years for their turn. On my last trip to New Mexico, quite a few students would run up to me, saying, "next year I get to come to Poland!" They were so excited. Can you imagine watching for years all the older kids getting ready and returning with all the cool stories of their trip abroad.  You have their own vision of how it will look like, and then one day the teacher informs the class, maybe not even in person, the trip is gone and may never be.​
All should not be lost, if anything Covid taught is the power of peer to peer collaboration.  Nothing can replace being in the presence of our friends and teachers, yet we managed by using technology to find new ways to communicate.
My dream has been to set up a means for students to create their personal story to raise funds for their own trip of a lifetime. Kind of like a facebook for raising funds, where kids could upload pictures, interact with others to increase awareness.  ​I recently spoke with  They assured me with a big smile, "your dream is a real possibility."
Problem, the platform and marketing media cost over $4000.​
We have schools right now ready to engage in fundraising.  But we are missing a platform that will make it easy for students to participate.  We can harness the passion of students, engage together, create compelling stories and watch progress in real time.
Support future Trips Beyond the Classroom by helping us set up this awesome peer to peer fundraising platform.  Within months you will see the results    Just imagine the added learning as children develop lifelong communication skills required to accomplish their goals.  

Aim to go beyond a donation, we have a Sponsorship Package. 

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