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Beyond the Classroom
There is an increasing demand to educate our children within their individual style as well as prepare for a future that changes fast.    Beyond the classroom students learn how lessons apply, develop life skills and how to work with diversity.  Learning to adapt to differences will be essential for success.   Gaining inspiration from the extraordinary lessons from Earth's people and land will enable talents to mature and prosper.
By going outside into the world which we are preparing them for, we can enrich students’ imaginations and practice life skills.  By creating unique opportunities for participants to engage, Beyond the Classroom cultivates a deeper appreciation among students.  This is accomplished through expeditions of historical, cultural and natural monuments, camping, homestay with host families, and shared virtual classwork that is structured to expand both student knowledge and personal experience.  Visits to contemporary vestiges offer the hands-on experiences with people and artifacts. Time spent in nature allows for reflection as it encourages sharing and self-reliance.
Our innovative model, Beyond the Classroorm,  is based on four pillars.
  1. Action - experiencing outside the comfort zone, community service and team-work.

  2. Research - asking meaningful questions and exploring different answers.

  3. Reflection - comparing perspectives before and after experiences.

  4. Presentation - delivering both written, visual and spoken evidence of lessons learned.

To push the learning even further than just attending a trip, the program includes before and after trip student meetings. 
  • Build a rapport with students

  • Preparation for the trip

  • Design and deliver with expert advice, fundraising campaigns

  • Research and create questions

  • Initiate contact with people we will meet

  • Establish personal goals and how to measure achievement

  • Evaluation, summary and presentations after the trip

Upon completion, students will possess a deeper understanding from an active experience of in-depth/hands-on examination of historical and cultural heritage.   Students will use available online learning platforms to facilitate collaborative projects, practice teamwork and testing personal limits of self-control; and they will safely move past their comfort zones to gain confidence and possess the know-how to succeed.
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